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Application of precision chronometric technologies for monitoring deviations in the internal combustion engine operation

Published: 24.11.2021

Authors: Plaksina E.T., Syritsky A.B., Komshin A.S.

Published in issue: #11(119)/2021

DOI: 10.18698/2308-6033-2021-11-2126

Category: Mechanics | Chapter: Dynamics, Strength of Machines, Instruments, and Equipment

The article considers the main methods of internal combustion engine diagnostics. A method based on measuring the time intervals between the phases of the working cycle of the mechanism is described. An algorithm for measuring the time intervals from the formulation of the problem to the proof of the efficiency of this method on an internal combustion engine has been determined. The installation of the angle sensor on the crankshaft of the experimental bench engine VAZ 21126 is shown. The basis for the construction of a mathematical model of the crankshaft is presented and the main factors influencing its movement are identified. A criterion has been established according to which the misfire is determined most accurately. The results obtained can be used for developing diagnostic systems for internal combustion engines, as well as engines operating in extreme conditions, for example, beyond the Arctic Circle, on ships, etc.

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