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International Scientific Conference FUNDAMENTAL AND APPLIED PROBLEMS OF MECHANICS (FAPM-2019) dedicated to the 100th birthday of academician Konstantin Sergeyevich Kolesnikov (Moscow, December 10–12, 2019)

Published: 07.02.2020


Published in issue: #2(98)/2020

DOI: 10.18698/2308-6033-2020-2-1960

Category: Scientific Conferences

Compiled by P.M. Shkapov, M.Yu. Barkin, E.V. Melkumova

Since 2012 conferences "Fundamental and Applied Problems of Mechanics - FAPM" have been regularly held at Bauman Moscow State Technical University. The conferences are hosted by the Scientific and Educational Complex "Fundamental Sciences" and the Department of Theoretical Mechanics named after Professor N.E. Zhukovsky. Scientists from leading scientific institutions of the Russian Academy of Sciences and universities of the Russian Federation, as well as foreign scientists majoring in mechanics take part in this event.

The main objective of the conference held in 2019 was to present new research conducted in various fields of mechanics in Russian and foreign scientific and educational institutions. In 2019, the FAPM-2019 conference was dedicated to the 100th birthday of academician Konstantin Sergeyevich Kolesnikov (1919–2016), one of the pioneers in space exploration, the creator of a scientific and pedagogical school on the dynamics of rocket-space systems, oscillation theory, the front-line soldier, acknowledged mechanical scientist of Bauman University until his recent death in the 97th year of life. In connection with K.S. Kolesnikov's anniversary, many reports placed emphasis on the studies which developed and continued his scientific and educational research in modern conditions.

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