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Analysis of temporal data storage redundancy by means of RDBMS

Published: 09.10.2014

Authors: Baldin A.V., Tonoyan S.A., Eliseev D.V.

Published in issue: #4(28)/2014

DOI: 10.18698/2308-6033-2014-4-1273

Category: Information technology

Real-world objects change with time, and this factor sets the database from one state to another, replacing the current values new data. In such systems is that all stored in the data is up to date at the time of execution of the corresponding requests. The majority of modern database management systems (DBMS) hold the only current domain objects. However, there are many subject areas in which you need to keep a history of changes to the database and data. The challenge is to query time-varying data and identify constraints that are contained in several of the States in the database, using the nontemporal data models and query languages. The conversion of the non-temporal database model for the temporal can be done by adding periods of time to the data to store their history. This is accomplished by adding the DB, new tuples, which can change only the value of one attribute, which leads to redundancy of information. The article provides an analysis and assessment of redundancy of information in the temporal relational databases.

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