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Big Data technologies and their application in modern industrial enterprise

Published: 03.10.2014

Authors: Ivanov P.D., Vampilova V.Z.

Published in issue: #8(32)/2014

DOI: 10.18698/2308-6033-2014-8-1228

Category: Information technology | Chapter: Automated control systems

Big Data Technology is a series of approaches, tools and methods for processing of structured and unstructured data and a huge amount of significant diversity perceived by man for results that are effective in conditions of continuous growth, the distribution of the numerous sites of computer network, formed in the late 2000s, alternative to traditional systems database management and Business Intelligence decisions. Currently, most of the largest providers of information technology for organizations in their business strategies are using the concept of big data, and basic market analysts of information technologies are devoting dedicated research to this concept. This paper presents an overview of Big Data technologies as of today, and analyzes the prospects for their further development. The necessity and prospects of use of Big Data Technologies are substantiated. Comparative analysis of Hadoop platform with its peers is made. The results of research of technologies Big Data are shown. The current state and development trends of Big Data technologies in Russia and abroad is analyzed.

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