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A method of forming a spacecraft adapter layout to meet the requirements of dynamic compatibility by topological and parametric optimization methods

Published: 10.12.2021

Authors: Borovikov A.A., Tushev O.N.

Published in issue: #12(120)/2021

DOI: 10.18698/2308-6033-2021-12-2134

Category: Aviation and Rocket-Space Engineering | Chapter: Design, construction and production of aircraft

At present, the developers of launch vehicles impose a requirement for dynamic compatibility of the spacecraft with the launch vehicle, which consists in limiting the lower boundary of the first transverse and first longitudinal fundamental (primary) frequencies of the natural vibrations of the spacecraft fitted with an adapter of relatively rigid base. One of the tasks that must be solved in order to meet this requirement is the development of the spacecraft adapter layout. The traditional process of designing the adapter consists in developing its design on the basis of analogues and carrying out verification analysis with subsequent refinement of the design to meet the strength and stiffness requirements. However, this approach takes a lot of time and is not adaptable to constant changes in the input data at the initial design stage. The article presents a technique allowing the adapter layout to be quickly designed. The layout is determined to a greater extent by calculations using the topological and parametric optimization methods. The application of the developed technique is shown on the example of the development of an adapter for a promising spacecraft. It should be applied in the early stages of design. The results obtained by the method should be used as input data and recommendations for the design of the adapter.

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